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Music and Worship Ministries
What Kind of Music Does HBC have?
Here at HBC, we love to worship Jesus Christ through music. We blend our morning worship with hymns, choruses, and music from today. Sunday nights are a more family situated music set. At HBC, it's not about our preferences in music, it is about worshiping Jesus Christ through our music.
What Music and Worship Ministries Are Available?

We have a variety of opportunities to serve in the HBC music program.
Worship Choir

- Leads in Sunday morning worship
- Presents special programs each
- Rehearses Thursday evenings
  7:00pm to 8:30pm
- No audition required  
- Leads in Sunday morning worship
Rehearses Thursday evenings
  7:00pm to 8:30pm

- Adult proficiency is required.
Praise Team
The Praise Team is an ensemble of 
   six to twelve vocalists who lead in
   contemporary worship in the
   Sunday evening services. 
- Auditions are required
- It is comprised of HBC Worship Choir and HBC Orchestra members.

Children's Choir
Contact Information:
Music Pastor:
Stan Harris (207) 848-5749
Email: pastorstan@hermonbaptistchurch.org


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